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Kernls matches brands with the life-saving medical research that aligns with their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.
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Feature your impact alongside the highest authority research and medical centers in the world

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“Kernls helped us locate a specific cause where we could make a purposeful impact. Supporting groundbreaking Alzheimer's research matched perfectly with our firm and the team members within it!”
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Samlyn Capital
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Corporate Champions drive innovative health solutions by helping to fund cause-specific medical research projects.

Match donations or directly donate
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Launch fundraising or employee giving campaigns
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Why Champion Research?

World-Class Recognition
Share a tangible space with scientists at renowned research centers.
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Radical Transparency
Make your impact mean more with specific and sharable content.
Sustained Engagement
Keep your mission top-of-mind with real-time lab and impact reporting.

How it works

1. Select a project
Kernls offers a menu of world leading research projects

2. Demonstrate your impact
Occupy brand space on Kernls project pages

3. Engage your stakeholders
Deliver exclusive research updates to your network, or even empower motivated fundraisers!
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