Kernls is on a mission to make online giving as satisfying as helping in person.


Image of Founder and CEO, Mike Haughton
Mike Haughton
Founder, CEO

Mike lost his dad to pancreatic cancer as a senior in college. After his death, Mike was determined to bring an awareness of the devastation caused by the disease to his friends and others. This led him to found and run the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation of Canada (PCF).

Through the experience of starting and running a foundation, Mike learned how difficult it is to create meaningful connections between the world of research and the donors who supported the PCF. It was clear a gap existed and that there was a need for a tool to enable information to get from the researchers to the donors.

Years later, in 2018, Mike lost his mom to gallbladder cancer. After this, it was clear to him a new model was needed, new innovation, and a focus to bring the importance of research to the world of donors.

This is why he started Kernls. Previous to founding Kernls, Michael was instrumental in the ideation, funding, staffing, and execution of Tradewind Markets, a supply chain software company based in NYC. To date, Tradewind has raised over $23M from leading industry partners and employs 33 people in their NY office. Michael lives in NYC with his wife Meghan.

Payton Docheff
VP, Partnerships and Communications

Payton brings 10 years of combined nonprofit, community engagement and content marketing experience to the team. Relying on his previous tenure managing signature digital activations for a global hunger nonprofit, Payton bridges the Kernls’ application to the experience and success of fundraising and development teams. Payton oversees the implementation of Kernls projects and makes sure donors have access to the research information that matters to them.

Yves Matta
VP, Engineering

Yves brings over six years of software development experience along with his passion to deliver scalable, robust, and tested software. He has produced and maintained multiple complex software in the Healthcare field for over 3 years.He has successfully led a small team of software developers remotely and in-person. He graduated from Sheridan College attending the Software Development and Network Engineering Co-op program.


Levi King
Chairman, Nav

Levi King is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Nav. Raised on a farm in rural Idaho, King is a self-taught, serial entrepreneur who has started businesses in the manufacturing, franchising and retail financing spaces (and invested in many more). During this time, he had to work to overcome the same issues faced by most small business owners – access to capital, financing, and marketplace credibility. After getting a handle on how business credit works, Levi was able to get business loans and financing more than 30 times.

Prior to starting Nav, he co-founded Lendio, a business financing marketplace that links commercial lenders and small business owners. While at Lendio, Levi saw too many applicants get denied for financing or only get approved for financing they couldn’t afford. He realized someone needed to help business owners become better-qualified applicants, which led him to start Nav.

Levi’s has regular columns in Inc., Entrepreneur and Forbes, and has been quoted in numerous new interviews on small business, credit, lending and fintech.

Karen Kenworthy
Partner, Stripes

Karen is a partner at Stripes, a growth equity firm in New York. She specializes in consumer and growth tech investing, managing investments in GoFundMe, Grubhub, On Running, Califa, Siete and, Kosasa, among others. She holds a B.A. in Biomedical Engineering and Economics from Yale University and an MBA from Stanford University, where she was an Arjay Miller Scholar.

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