How is Kernls representing Balvi's match on the project page?

Thanks to Balvi, every single donation to this project will be doubled! This is how we're estimating overall campaign progress.

Balvi is supporting this high-impact COVID project by matching every single donation until we reach our $161,000 goal. And, we're now accepting donations in USD, ETH and ERC-20 tokens! 

Balvi's match will occur as a one-time, lump sum donation to the PolyBio Research Foundation, and will match the sum of all USD donations and the total value of our designated crypto wallet. While the value of USD donations is final, the cash value of ETH-based donations may change from the time of donation to time of donation match because of the relative volatility of the donated assets. 

We are reflecting Balvi's match in the project page progress bar! How?

  • We include Balvi's dollar-for-dollar USD match for USD donations...
  • and estimate Balvi's wallet-value match by showing the current value of each donation at the time of donation. 

This most closely reflects the difference-to-goal of the campaign. Questions? Reach us at